Welcome to Kol Dodi

Shabbat Service every Saturday morning at 11 am

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Nashville’s Affiliated Messianic Congregation

GROWING as a spiritual family in the knowledge & love of GOD through His Word and faith in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah

BRINGING new life in Yeshua to the House of Israel and to all Nations

I Peter 2:5 ; Philippians 3:10 ; Romans 1:16


 Shabbat service weekly Saturday mornings,11 am, at 960 Heritage Way (Temporary location - will update when we move to more permanent space). Join us to see what we’re all about!


About Us

Kol Dodi, Hebrew for "voice of my beloved," is taken from Shir ha-Shirim (Song of Songs\Song of Solomon) 2:8.

 We are a messianic community in the Nashville area, a home for Jewish believers to become grounded and grow in their faith in Yeshua (Jesus), for non-Jewish believers to recapture the roots of their faith, and for inter-faith families to raise their children with a Biblical Jewish heritage. Kol Dodi welcomes you!


Ways to Plug In

When a congregation feels like family, you want to support it! Learn about ways to get involved in Nashville’s thriving Messianic community.