About Us


From Rabbi Ken

Kol Dodi, Hebrew for "voice of my beloved," is taken from Shir ha-Shirim (Song of Songs\Song of Solomon) 2:8.

 We are a messianic community in the Nashville area, a home for Jewish believers to become grounded and grow in their faith in Yeshua (Jesus), for non-Jewish believers to recapture the roots of their faith, and for inter-faith families to raise their children with a Biblical Jewish heritage. Kol Dodi welcomes you!

 There's nothing more exciting (and challenging) than for a Jew to find Yeshua! Each of us has our own extraordinary story,  how God in His love and faithfulness revealed the truth to us. Do you have a story? Come share it with us. Is yours incomplete? Perhaps we can help you find some answers.

 With the goal of shaping talmidim (students, followers) of Yeshua who can impact the world with God's love and power, our vision extends nationally and internationally, far beyond our congregational borders.

 Join us for one of our Saturday morning services or holiday observance celebrations. Enjoy worship in a contemporary and traditional Messianic style in a Jewish-Christian atmosphere, with relevant Biblical teaching from the Hebrew Scriptures.

The blessings of Yeshua the Messiah be with you,

Rabbi Ken Alpren