Join us for Shabbat Service

Weekly, Saturdays at 11 am

960 Heritage Way, Brentwood, TN 37027



Nursery: 9:30 am - 11 am Limited nursery for 1yr - 3 yr olds. Fully staffed for 6 week - 3 yr olds during Shabbat Service at 11 am. 

Shabbat School: (children dismissed after children's blessing) Torah Tots: Ages 4-7, Club Maccabee: Ages 8-12

Torah Tots

Ages 4 through 7.  The lessons this year are from the Read and Learn Bible.  The children are introduced to the Jewish Holidays. Our teachers use crafts to illustrate the stories taught.  The children learn to pray for each other and are introduced to the Hebrew alphabet.

Club Maccabee

Ages 8 through 12.  The children enjoy a club-like atmosphere where they can earn points and received prizes for their points.Each week they have a lesson from the Scriptures and a lesson on Jewish heritage.  They practice writing two words each week in Hebrew. Every fourth Sabbath they learn about Yeshua.  Club Members are taught a special lesson for each of the Jewish holidays.

Kol Dodi Youth

Ages 13-17. The youth participate in conversation style studies on different books of the Bible. They also discuss relevant topics of current events and their culture, and how it relates to their walk with Yeshua.  Practicing leadership skills and serving in various congregational and Shabbat service activities is also part of their training as they grow toward adulthood. 


A Glimpse at Messianic Service

In Service

During our service men are free to wear a kippa and tallit and most dress casually. We love to sing, dance, clap and lift our hands to the LORD during music and liturgy.

The Torah

We follow a cycle of reading (Torah cycle) that dates back 2500 years (that is 500 years before our Messiah!). The Torah is a scroll that contains the first five books of the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) and we read from it in Hebrew and English. In our community the Torah represents the entire Word of GOD which includes: Torah, Writings, Prophets (Tanach), and the Messianic Writings (New Testament). We process the Torah at the beginning of service, and members are free to touch it with their talliot, bibles, or hands and bring them to their lips, representing the sweetness of GOD’s Word (Psalm 119:103).

Davidic Dance

We love to celebrate the GOD of Israel during our service. All are invited to join in the dance circle at the side of the stage. This is modeled after King David who was known (all throughout the scriptures) to get pretty excited about worshiping the true King of Kings, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!